What Are Fabric Remnant Bundles?

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What are fabric remnant bundles, and how can you maximise their potential?

Fabric remnant bundles are assortments of fabric pieces that may have minor flaws, but not always. Typically, they are the leftover pieces of fabric from rolls that are too small to be sold as full half meters.

However, many of our pieces are generously sized, making them perfect for various crafting projects.

Here’s a few benefits to buying remnant bundles:

  1. Eco-Friendly: By utilising fabric remnants, you’re contributing to sustainable practices by reducing waste in the textile industry. Remnant bundles help minimise the environmental impact of excess fabric production.

  2. Unique Selection: Remnant bundles offer a diverse range of fabrics, often including discontinued prints or one-of-a-kind designs. This means you can find unique fabrics that may not be available any more.

  3. Cost-Effective Crafting: Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner, remnant bundles provide an affordable way to explore different fabrics. Instead of investing in full meters of fabric for small projects, you can purchase remnant bundles at a fraction of the cost.

How can you make the most of fabric remnant bundles:

  1. Crafting Versatility: Remnant bundles are perfect for a wide range of crafting projects, from simple accessories like tissue pouches and key fobs to more intricate creations like patchwork cushions and bunting. 

  2. Mix and Match: Since remnant bundles often contain an assortment of fabrics, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and colours. 

  3. Stash Building: Building a fabric stash can be expensive, but remnant bundles offer an affordable way to expand your collection. Use them to stock up on essential blender fabrics or add pops of colour to your existing stash.

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