What is Bosal in-R-Form,

What is Bosal in-R-form Foam?

We get asked all the time about Bosal Foam, what it is used for and which one is best, so we have put together this blog which hopefully answers those questions.

Bosal in-R-form is a foam stabilizer which gives structure to your craft projects, it is especially good when you are making handbags and totes but it can be used for many other projects.

It is a foam which is sandwiched between two layers of fabric, giving it strength which allows it to maintain its shape.
Because of this structure when you use Bosal in your bags & projects they maintain their shape, allowing them to stand up instead of slouching down over time

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It is very easy to sew, is needle friendly ( you can use a universal size 80 for the bosal, however do be led by the fabric that you are attaching it to) and it gives a lovely padded feel to your projects

Bosal can be machine washed at 40 deg and irons really well too, but do make sure to use a pressing cloth and bear in mind the pressing instructions for the fabric that you are using with the bosal.

There are three kinds:

1. Sew In
2. Single Sided ( adhesive on one side )
3. Double Sided ( adhesive on both sides)


Sew in foam is great for using in handbags and projects where you have to turn the project through a small hole to the right side. As its not actually glued to your fabric you don’t get that wrinkly look that you can sometimes get with the single sided version when you turn the project through.
If you baste ( sew in with a long stitch) the foam to your fabric within the seam allowance it will hold it in place whilst you sew your panels together and then you can trim it our of your seam allowance later if necessary

It can be machine washed at 40 degrees and if it arrives slightly creased you can put a pressing cloth over it and they will press out really well with your iron. I find a little bit of steam can help as well. (Do bear in mind the fabric that you are using with the bosal)


Single sided adhesive foam is great for all sorts of projects. The rough textured side is the side with the glue.
You can use it for any project that you have to turn through just like the sew in version but with the convenience of not having to sew it in place, and as it is ironed on and is glued in place you can cut it smaller so it is not in your seam allowance.
It can sometimes become a little bit wrinkled if you are using it on a project that needs to be turned through so here are some tips to try and avoid this.
1. Use the pressing technique rather than ironing it onto your fabric. Press then lift until you have completely fused it and then give it a quick iron over afterwards going from one side to the other then if there are any wrinkles you are smoothing them out in one direction.
2. You could also wash your fabric first so that any shrinking happens before you use it, as when you iron it onto your fabric and use steam the fabric could shrink slightly and cause the wrinkles.

Always iron it on with the adhesive side facing up and your fabric wrong side down on top of it, The foam can withstand the cotton setting on most irons, but be led by the fabric that you are using for how hot your iron needs to be,
Don’t iron directly onto the foam.
Bosal In-R-Form can be washed at 40 degrees and tumble dried with NO heat, or air dried.


Double sided foam is used for attaching fabric to both sides of the foam. You can just iron your fabrics on one at a time but bear in mind that it is not suitable for turn through projects and your project will need binding afterwards to cover the raw edges.

Double sided bosal is great for table mats and runners, pot holders, coasters, sewing machine covers, and even bags, just remember you will just have to use binding over the joined edges to finish it off.

All 3 versions of In-R-form are great for quilting on to give a lovely padded look to your project.


Bags, tubs, mats, pet beds, straps and handles, pot holders, coasters, zippered pouches, and so many many more.

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