What is Polycotton Fabric?

What is Poly-cotton Fabric?

Poly-cotton is a lightweight fabric, normally consisting of 65% polyester and 35% cotton (however the blend can vary). It combines the breathability of cotton with the durability of polyester.

In terms of pricing, cotton is more expensive than polyester so poly-cottons are normally priced between the two, making it a really affordable option, especially when just starting out.

Our poly-cotton fabrics range from £1.99 – £2.50 per half metre.

Poly-cotton is also a versatile fabric and can/is used for many things, including uniforms (like scrubs), fashion clothing (garments), household textiles and more.

Another advantage is that poly-cotton is both breathable and long lasting. Polyester fabrics tend to stick to the skin in hot conditions, where as cotton is very breathable. By mixing the two, you get a happy medium.

Poly-cotton also tends to crease a lot less than cotton fabric, meaning minimal ironing is required.

Washing instructions for poly-cotton fabric:

Poly-cotton can be machine washed, however we recommend doing so on a warm setting. We would also suggest trying a small piece of fabric first. It’s great to use fabric softener as well.

If you want to tumble dry the fabric, this should be done on a low/cool temperate setting.

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